My Random Scrapbook
to unknown person that cry in my living room

Thursday, 27 March 2014 @ 15:32 | 0 Comment [s]

today, you cry like wanna die
you say sorry just like you make a big mistake
in front of all people you act that you are the victims
tears come and the trust gone

maybe we are too kind
but yes i belive God have a better plan
plan that we dont ever know before
plan that call themself a karma

i know you just want a better future
but you do it in worst way
you make we ashame
but you still in your worst way

you make a big mistake
but why we must take your responbility

dont you feel ashame?
ashame to your husband?
ashame to your parent?
dont you feel ashame?

just take care your mouth
take care your problem
we give you a heart
but you just take away all aour body

dont you feel ashame?
for God's sake,
dont you feel ashame?
dont you feel ashame of yourself?

this is for you, but i realize that you stupid enough to understand. My father maybe not say that to you but i know you know how my father feel. I just one think from you, just feel ashame of yourself if you dont feel ashame for the others :)

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